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Teledyne FLIR CM74-NIST | Clamp multimeter, digital, 4-digit TRMS, AC / DC, 600 / 600A, with NIST calibration

Manufacturer number: CM74-NIST

Flir CM74 | Clamp with traceable NIST calibration certificate, digital, 4-digit TRMS, AC / DC, 600 / 600A.

  • Pliers opening: 35 mm
  • Display 6,000 digits
  • DC voltage measurement: up to 1,000V
  • AC voltage measurement up to 1,000V
  • LoZ mode AC voltage: 1,000V
  • LoZ mode DC voltage: 1,000V
  • DC measurement: 600A
  • AC measurement: 600A
  • VFD AC: 600A
  • Starting alternating current: 600A
  • Starting AC limit: Min. 0.5 A integration time 100 ms
  • Frequency measurement: up to 60 kHz
  • Resistance measurement: up to 6,000 Ω
  • Continuity measurement: 600Ω
  • Capacitance measurement: 1000 μF
  • Diode: 1.5 V.
  • Category: CAT IV-600V; CAT III-1000V
  • Guarantee: limited lifetime

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CM74-NIST | Clamp multimeter, digital, 4-digit TRMS, AC / DC, 600 / 600A, with NIST calibration

The FLIR CM74 600 A AC / DC current clamp makes areas that are difficult to access easier for you and offers you all the measurement functions you need for advanced problem diagnosis. With its narrow pliers and powerful LED work lamp, the CM74 make it easier for you to work in poorly lit and confusing control cabinets and distribution boxes. Thanks to their compact and lightweight design, you can always take them with you wherever you go. With its extended electrical functions including automatic measuring range selection, TRMS for voltage and current, LoZ, starting current, VFD mode and its input for flexible current sensor accessories, the CM74 offers you all the functions you need to remain competitive and always carry out exact measurements.


  • Current clamp, 4x AAA batteries, high quality silicone test leads, quick start guide, user manual (CD), warranty extension registration card
  • Traceable NIST calibration certificate

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About the Manufacturer

Teledyne FLIR
Teledyne FLIR is the world's largest manufacturer of thermal imaging cameras and thermographic instruments. Teledyne FLIR covers an incredibly wide range and has the optimal thermal imaging camera for every application, whether construction, research and development or industrial manufacturing. Since 2010 dataTec is Platinum Distributor of FLIR and, of course, now of Teledyne FLIR.

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