EA Elektro-Automatik ELR5000-RACK | DC load, mainframe, modular, regenerative

Manufacturer number: ELR5000-RACK


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ELR5000-RACK | DC load, mainframe, modular, regenerative

The EA-ELR5000 electronic load series offers the possibility to configure an electronic multi-channel DC load with regenerative power supply in a rack slot for 19 inch systems. Up to 10 load modules, each with a nominal power of 320 W, can be installed in the rack. The modules work separately from each other, but require the rack that contains the regenerative DC-AC converter. They are also expandable. Parallel connection of the modules to their DC input is possible. The optional modules offer the typical control types constant current (CC), constant voltage (CV) and constant power (CP).

The regenerative power function converts the supplied DC energy into a synchronous sinusoidal current and feeds it back into the local power grid. This almost completely eliminates the usual heat generation and at the same time saves energy costs.

The rack, which is used to hold the load modules, is 19 inches wide and 6 U high with an installation depth of 480 mm. It is therefore ideal for use in 19 "cabinets of different sizes.

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About the Manufacturer

EA Elektro-Automatik
EA Elektro-Automatik is one of the leading German manufacturers of laboratory power supplies and electronic loads for research and development as well as industrial applications in control and automation, electrochemistry, automated test systems and test benches.

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