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Gossen Metrawatt M312L | Metraclip 87 clamp meter TRMS, 1000A AC / 1500A DC

Manufacturer number: M312L

Gossen METRAclip 87 multiple measuring clamp for current, voltage, power, harmonics and frequency, 1000 V CAT IV.

  • Electrical safety according to IEC 61010
  • True RMS measurement TRMS
  • Current measurement TRMS 1500 V AC / DC
  • Frequency measurement 20 kHz / V - 2 kHz / A
  • Voltage measurement (AC and DC)
  • Power measurement (W, VA, var and PF)
  • Crest factor (CF) measurement
  • Displacement factor (DPF)
  • Ripple (RIPPLE)
  • Harmonic measurement (THD)
  • Starting and overcurrent measurements (True Inrush)
  • Automatic measuring range switching
  • Ad storage (DATA HOLD)
  • Data acquisition (MIN, MAX, PEAK)
  • Continuity test, acoustic signal
  • Resistance measurement
  • Recording of the measured values
  • wireless data transmission via Bluetooth
  • Automatic switch-off Auto-Power-Off
  • Software for evaluating the measured values
  • Compact and easy to use
  • One-handed operation and illuminated digital display
  • High security thanks to CAT IV 600 V.
  • LC display with blue backlight
  • Display 7-segment digits, 4-digit number, 10,000 digits
  • Protection class housing: IP54, jaws: IP40
  • Forceps opening max. Ø 48 mm
  • Dimensions H x W x D: H 272 mm x W 92 mm x D 41 mm
  • Weight approx. 600 g

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M312L | Metraclip 87 clamp meter TRMS, 1000A AC / 1500A DC

The multiple measuring clamp METRAclip 87 is suitable for measurements of medium power in the low-voltage range and thus offers optimal safety for every type of system and under all measuring conditions. In addition to applications such as maintenance, troubleshooting or maintenance, the pliers are also used for measurements in rail traffic and in low-voltage distribution networks.


  • Multiple measuring clamp
  • 2 measuring cables red and black (length 1.6 m), each with touch-protected plug and plug-in test probe, CAT IV 1000 V / 15 A
  • 2 alligator clips red and black, CAT IV 1000 V / 15 A
  • 4 1.5 V batteries
  • Carrying bag with wrist strap
  • test protocol
  • Brief instructions printed in the languages D / GB / F / E / I
  • Operating instructions in the languages D / GB / F / E / I on mini CD-ROM
  • PC program for measured value evaluation on mini CD-ROM

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About the Manufacturer

Gossen Metrawatt
Safety through competence. With over 100 years of experience, Gossen Metrawatt offers you unique products for measurement and testing technology as well as industrial metrology. The products stand for quality, reliability, safety and progressiveness, but also for dynamic and ergonomic design, high ease of use and unique innovative spirit.

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