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Gossen Metrawatt METRALINE DM62 | Multimeter, TRMS, 4 digits, IP50 (M197A)

Manufacturer number: M197A

Gossen Metrawatt Metraline DM62 | TRMS digital multimeter with analog bar graph and temperature measurement (M197A).

  • Resolution: 6600 digits (3 6/7 digits) and analog bar graph (66 points)
  • Dual digital display with backlight
  • Basic accuracy: 0.4% VDC
  • Bandwidth VAC TRMS 2 kHz
  • Voltage: VDC 100 μV ..1000 V and VAC TRMS 100 μV ..1000 VCurrent: ADC 10 μA ... 10 A and AAC TRMS 10 μA ... 10 A
  • Resistance: 100 mΩ ... 60 MΩ
  • Temperature: -50 ... + 1,300 ° C thermocouple type K
  • Frequency measurement: 0.01 Hz ... 10.00 MHz
  • Duty cycle measurement: 1% ..98.9% (1 kHz)
  • Capacitance measurement: 1 pF ... 40.00 mF
  • Continuity and diode test
  • Hold / Peak / Min-Max / Relative (Zero)
  • Automatic / manual measuring range selection
  • Automatic socket lock ABS
  • Measurement category 300 V CAT IV, 600 V CAT III
  • Protective rubber cover to protect against impact and shock
  • 3 year guarantee

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METRALINE DM62 | Multimeter, TRMS, 4 digits, IP50 (M197A)

The autorange TRMS multimeter METRALINE DM62 enables you to use all measuring functions of a versatile multimeter for use in all areas of electrical engineering: voltage, resistance, current and temperature measurement as well as many other measurement and automatic functions, such as frequency and duty cycle measurement.

The true effective multimeter offers an excellent price-performance ratio as well as reliable measurement results in the measurement categories CAT IV 300V or CAT III 600V with a plus in safety for users and device thanks to the automatic socket lock (ABS).

Your advantages:

  • Universally applicable in all areas of electrical engineering!
  • True RMS value measurement up to 2 kHz with 6600 digits digital display and analog scale
  • Measurement of voltage and current, AC and DC, resistance, temperature, frequency, duty cycle, capacitance, continuity / diodes
  • Duty cycle measurement
  • Automatic socket lock ABS
  • Automatic range selection and storage of measured values
  • Safety for the user and the device in the measurement categories CAT III to 600V and CAT IV to 300V.

Accessoires (12 products )

Gossen Metrawatt Z102E
TF400SURFACE thermocouple -50 ° C to + 400 ° C, type K

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Gossen Metrawatt Z225A
Z3512A current probe, 4 mm, 1000A 10 Hz - 3 kHz, U-Out

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Gossen Metrawatt Z207Z
METRAFLEX 300MXBL / 4 current clamp 3/30/300 sensor length 31.5 cm, for Mavowatt series

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Gossen Metrawatt Z228A
PMA 16 power measurement adapter with Schuko adapter

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CHF 83.00
Gossen Metrawatt GTY3620034P0002
KS 17-2 test lead set

1 in stock. Ready to ship in 1 business day

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Gossen Metrawatt Z201B
CP30 current probe, 4 mm, 30 A DC - 20 kHz, U-Out

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CHF 594.00
Gossen Metrawatt Z203B
CP1100 Current Clamp, 4 mm, 1000A DC - 20 kHz, U-Out

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CHF 477.00
Gossen Metrawatt Z207M
Metraflex 300M, 3/30 / 300A AC current probe length = 160mm

Delivery time upon request

CHF 613.00
Gossen Metrawatt Z219A
WZ12A current probe, 4 mm, 180 A 48 Hz - 400 Hz, I-Out

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CHF 159.00
Gossen Metrawatt Z219B
WZ12B current probe, 4 mm, 100 A 48 Hz - 500 Hz, U-Out

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CHF 224.00
Gossen Metrawatt Z110J
KY95-3 crocodile clip (1 pair rt + sw) for KS17-2 1000V / CAT III 16A

Ready to ship in 5 to 10 business days

CHF 51.00
Gossen Metrawatt Z202B
CP330 Current Clamp, 4 mm, 300 A DC - 20 kHz, U-Out

Delivery time upon request

CHF 532.00

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About the Manufacturer

Gossen Metrawatt
Safety through competence. With over 100 years of experience, Gossen Metrawatt offers you unique products for measurement and testing technology as well as industrial metrology. The products stand for quality, reliability, safety and progressiveness, but also for dynamic and ergonomic design, high ease of use and unique innovative spirit.

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