NI Consulting / Technical Advice.

For complex measurement tasks, modular systems and the corresponding software from NI can be the right solution. This often results in an individual concept that is perfectly tailored to the conditions in your company. 

Irrespective of whether you have started working with NI solutions only recently or are facing new challenges with existing test systems: In order to enhance your achievements, it can make sense to bring our experts into your company. For this purpose, dataTec offers a wide range of consulting services.

This is how NI Consulting works at dataTec

We support you, whether on a digital base or directly on your site, to get the most out of your NI measurement solution. Our technical experts advise and support you on an hourly or daily basis, depending on your requirements. For preconsulting, a meeting takes place in order to discuss your needs, followed by an agreement about the time plan and by a concrete offer. It is important to define the topics, procedure and possible results of the consultation with you in advance. We will also discuss the number of participants, usually 1 to 5 participants plus the consultant. In this way, we ensure that the consulting is efficient and provides you with the greatest possible benefit.

Reach your goal in 6 steps:

  1. You identify a need for consulting in your team / project.
  2. You contact us at: To the contact form
  3. Our experts will clarify exactly what the challenge is in a personal meeting with you.
  4. You receive a customized offer.
  5. Our experts prepare the consulting exclusively for you.
  6. The consulting is carried out – individually, at eye level and practice-oriented.

The right advice for every need: Our consulting types.

There is hardly any other system that can be customized to your measurement task like the solution from NI (formerly National Instruments). This means that NI's modular measurement technology offers even more than classic benchtop solutions such as oscilloscopes, power supplies, electronic loads, signal generators or digital multimeters. But to benefit from the modular system, you need two things: 1. The right hardware
2. The right programming

With the right programming, you can get the most out of your hardware and create the best solution for your measuring task yourself. Regardless of whether you have been working with NI software for years, are just starting out or are facing a specific problem. The dataTec experts will support you with their individualized consulting program to master your challenge.

Startup Assistance

For your first steps with NI.

If you receive new equipment with NI products for your project, it is not always easy to pick up the thread. The technology has to be set up, the driver installed and the code written. The Startup Assistance consulting module gives you an initial overview of the most important steps. Like a red thread that you can use as a guide. From experts with years of experience.

  • Practical tips for setting up the hardware and software
  • Get to know the functions of NI measurement technology
  • Get to know the functions of NI software
  • Teaching unit individually adapted to your measurement technology and your measurement tasks
  • Start your project immediately after the consultation

Architecture Consulting

For the project start.

If you start a complex software project in your company, a new architecture must be selected or developed. It forms the foundation of the application and determines the success of the project. The dataTec experts support you in finding the right architecture, adapting it or developing it yourself.

  • Solution approaches for your individual problem
  • Examination of various possible architectures, design patterns and project steps
  • Joint development and discussion of theoretical architectural approaches
  • Practice-oriented and pragmatic
  • Goal: To discuss concrete solution approaches so that you can make independent progress in this and future projects

Migration Assistance

For a software update.

NI software should be updated regularly to ensure that it runs smoothly in everyday use. The issue has become even more urgent since NI switched from perpetual licenses to a subscription model. After a software update, everything should basically work smoothly, but complications still occur time and again - especially with individually programmed code. The dataTec experts work with you to simplify the update process.

  • Joint search and detection of complications during software updates
  • Support with unknown error messages
  • Tips for programming to simplify future updates
  • Individual consideration of your in-house systems

Code Review

For the need for optimization.

It can happen that you have finished programming the LabVIEW application, the systems are running and the result is still not as desired. For example, because the code is slow or the memory is full. Or a feeling of uncertainty remains because you have had to solve an unknown task for the first time. In this case, the dataTec experts will be happy to take a look at your application and give you tips on what can be optimized.

  • Review of the existing code by experts
  • Practical and actionable tips for improving the performance of the application
  • Exchange at eye level to clarify questions
  • For the secure feeling of having found the best solution

Important notes:

During a technical consulting, no interventions are made in existing systems or programmes. It is possible to design programming examples in advance or during the consulting. In this case, any code given to the participants is subject to a Sample Code Licence.

Please note that this code will not have been tested conclusively and thus will not be approved for use in an end application, a production system or, in particular, in hazardous environments. The code will be an unfinished product that may still contain various bugs. With regard to this, we cannot guarantee the operability and accuracy of the code. The use of the code is at your own risk. The liability of dataTec AG and the consultant is excluded. Although the code is not a finished product, any mandatory liability under the Product Liability Act remains unaffected by the aforementioned limitations.

This means that the code must not be copied or used directly in an existing system, but only serves as a guidance for designing your own applications. If the code or parts of it are copied directly, the participant assumes full responsibility for possible consequences. If documents are prepared for a technical consultation, this has to be agreed individually for each consultation. The preparation time required for this will be charged separately. The same applies to examples prepared in advance for any discussed topic. The consulting usually results in a detailed protocol and all further documents created during the consultation (code examples, architecture plans...).

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