Gossen Metrawatt M681M | WR50-12 measuring device, winding resistance up to 50A, 2-channel

Manufacturer number: M681M

Gossen Metrawatt M681M | Micro ohmmeter WR50-12, measuring device, winding resistance up to 50A, 2-channel

  • High performance DC supply (50 A / 50 V)
  • Demagnetization function for transformers and automatic unloading
  • Extremely large measuring range of 0.00 ?? up to 100 k?, charging current adjustable
  • 2 measuring channels (3 measuring channels with WR50-13)
  • 3 temperature channels (with automatic resistance correction)
  • Optical and acoustic display of the discharge status
  • Data transfer to the internal printer at selectable intervals
  • Data storage of up to 10,000 measurements
  • Data exchange with USB stick
  • Color touch screen with backlight
  • Safety and protection circuit / emergency stop
  • Stable, light and waterproof carrying case
  • Optional: heat run test software (AHRT 01)
  • Free analysis software T-Base Pro

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M681M | WR50-12 measuring device, winding resistance up to 50A, 2-channel

The M681M is a 2- / 3-channel micro-ohmmeter up to 50 A / 50 V for checking transition, connection and winding resistances on inductors up to 1,500 Henry in the high and medium voltage range as well as continuity and length measurement on cables and cable shields (transformers, Generators, motors). The WR50 was developed for use in the high and medium voltage range. With the powerful supply of 50 A / 50 V and the sophisticated automatic unloading system, the charging and discharging times of inductive test objects are significantly reduced! In addition, the devices contain a demagnetization function, which ensures safe connection to the grid. Example: 200 MVA transformer - measurement duration per phase: 60 seconds! The 3-channel version allows measurements to be carried out even faster than usual. By connecting the primary windings in series, all inductors are charged simultaneously. The resistance is measured separately for each winding. This means that a three-phase unit can be completely measured in 2 measuring steps.


  • Power and potential cable set 10 m
  • operation manual
  • Jumper cable 10 m

Alternate products (7 products )

Alternate products (7 products )

Gossen Metrawatt M681N
Micro ohmmeter up to 50 A for inductive loads, 3-channel

Delivery time upon request

CHF 31,710.00
Gossen Metrawatt M681E
Micro Centurion 2, 200A microohmmeter, mobile use

Delivery time upon request

CHF 15,582.00
Gossen Metrawatt M681P
Micro ohmmeter WR50 for inductive loads, 3-channel, 19 inch

Delivery time upon request

CHF 35,280.00
Gossen Metrawatt M681T
Mikroohmmeter für induktive Lasten, 2-/3-kanaliges MikroOhmmeter bis 50 A / 50 V, 19Zoll

Delivery time upon request

CHF 31,920.00
Gossen Metrawatt M681R
TR1 ratio / phase angle measuring device

Delivery time upon request

CHF 4,578.00
Gossen Metrawatt M681K
Translation / phase angle measuring device incl. KS 5 m, incl.

Delivery time upon request

CHF 5,040.00
Gossen Metrawatt M681Z
WR100-13R Mikroohmmeter für den Einsatz in Hoch- und Mittelspannungsbereich

Delivery time upon request

CHF 50,715.00

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Gossen Metrawatt
Safety through competence. With over 100 years of experience, Gossen Metrawatt offers you unique products for measurement and testing technology as well as industrial metrology. The products stand for quality, reliability, safety and progressiveness, but also for dynamic and ergonomic design, high ease of use and unique innovative spirit.

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