PMK 858-512-A00 | Passive cable splitter PKT-512, 500 MHz 10: 1, 1.2m, BNC to BNC

Manufacturer number: 858-512-A00

PMK PKT512A | High Z cable divider 500 MHz with 1.2m length.

  • Division factor: 10: 1
  • Input impedance: 10 MΩ / 10 pF
  • Oscilloscope input coupling 1 MΩ AC / DC
  • System bandwidth (-3dB): 500 MHz
  • Rise time (10% - 90%): 0.7 nsec
  • Compensation range: 7 ... 25 pF
  • Rated voltage: 300 V CAT II
  • Safety standard (IEC / EN): 61010-031
  • Cable length: 1.2 m


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858-512-A00 | Passive cable splitter PKT-512, 500 MHz 10: 1, 1.2m, BNC to BNC

Splitter cable BNC to BNC with HF compensation for permanent installation in use on moving objects and vibrating machines or motors.


  • Cable divider
  • Operating instructions
  • Coding rings (set) 3x4 colors
  • Trim pin T

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PMK 858-512-A01
Passive cable splitter PKT-512-RO, 500 MHz 10: 1, 1.2m, BNC to BNC readout

Delivery time upon request

CHF 412.00

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Attenuator, DC - 3 GHz, 20 dB Type-N (f) on (m), 1W, A23020

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CHF 65.00

About the Manufacturer

PMK is the specialist in the development and manufacture of probes for broadband measuring instruments. PMK's solutions are continuously improved and adapted to the changing needs and requirements of everyday measurement.

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