GW Instek DS3-PWR | Power analysis software option for GDS-3000 oscilloscope series

Manufacturer number: DS3-PWR


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DS3-PWR | Power analysis software option for GDS-3000 oscilloscope series

The power analysis software includes four measurement functions: analysis of the output power, overview of the harmonic components, ripple and switch-on behavior of a power supply.

Analysis of the output power: This analysis provides information about the basic parameters of the output power such as voltage, current, frequency, power and other parameters, which lead to an assessment and thus to an improvement in the effectiveness of the power source.

Harmonic component analysis : This analysis provides distortion in the waveform of the power. It thus offers knowledge in the design and quality control of corresponding service sources. This function can also be used to verify the specifications of the power sources in accordance with IEC61000-3-2.

Analysis of residual ripple: residual ripple and noise that are superimposed on a DC voltage can lead to increased jitter and thus cause systems to get out of step. This analysis can be used to check the quality of DC power supplies.

Analysis of the inrush current: The measurement of the inrush current according to peak value and duration provides information as to whether the supply circuit and the network modules can cope with this load. This makes design limits and errors in the dimensioning obvious and can be avoided.

Accessoires (2 products )

Accessoires (2 products )

GW Instek GDS-3504
Oscilloscope, 4 channel 500 MHz, 4 GSa / s, 25 kPts, LAN, USB

Delivery time upon request

CHF 4,291.00
GW Instek GDS-3502
Oscilloscope, 2 channel 500 MHz, 4 GSa / s, 25 kPts, LAN, USB

Delivery time upon request

CHF 3,419.00

About the Manufacturer

GW Instek
GW Instek was founded in 1975 as Good Will Co. Ltd in Taiwan. Since the beginning, the company has specialized in the development and production of electronic test and measurement equipment. The first product focus was power supplies. Today, Good Will has more than 300 different products from the fields of oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, signal generators, digital multimeters and LCR measuring instruments in its program.

Good Will has been listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange since 2000. Development and production focus on high quality and low cost measuring instruments for production, laboratory and education. Headquartered in Taipei, Good Will has subsidiaries in China, America, Japan, Korea and Malaysia. The products are sold in over 80 countries.

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