A history that inspires confidence.

dataTec has been around since 1985. During this time, we have grown as a company. We've experienced ups and downs. We have become experts whose experience is in demand and trusted. Over the years, we have survived crises and ultimately emerged stronger from them. We have built a solid foundation that supports the company. Yesterday, today and in the future.


For some years now, dataTec has been growing on a European level. In addition to the joint venture in Spain with Ayscom dataTec, which has existed since 2018, dataTec AG also acquired the company Testhouse Nordic in 2021. This creates an opportunity to grow in Sweden, Finland and Estonia.  

Another big step was the acquisition of the distribution rights of the manufacturer NI in the DACH region in 2021. As a result, dataTec is not only expanding its sales area to Austria and Switzerland, but is also establishing a new core business area: modular measurement technology. In 2022, the company acquired mesatec in Switzerland. With a team of local experts, we can provide even better service to our Swiss customers.

Ayscom, Testhouse Nordic and mesatec have been transitioning their brand identity since 2023 and in future will be known as dataTec in the respective countries. This means that dataTec is still the leading specialist distributor for test and measurement technology in Germany – and is growing throughout Europe.

Largest portfolio

Portfolio expansion. Unique in Germany.

Since January 2020, dataTec has carried the test and measurement technology of the three largest manufacturers on the market: Keysight Technologies, Rohde & Schwarz and Tektronix. The trigger for this portfolio expansion was Keysight's decision to take back the distribution of high-end measurement technology. This resulted in contractual independence, enabling us to expand the Rohde & Schwarz portfolio. The entire Tektronix product range was also added. The result is a uniquely broad range of products.


New brand identity.

dataTec AG developed in a new direction due to the influence of the new managers. The intention was that this should also be reflected in the brand, so the logo was modernised and the brand promise renewed. From now on, the company would showcase its customer focus, personal touch and expertise. dataTec. The experts in test and measurement technology. In the same year, the new technology and logistics centre opened with a total size of 1500 sqm. The course for the future was set.


The first step outside Germany.

In 2018, dataTec ventured outside Germany for the first time. The company expanded to Spain. The basis for this was a joint venture with the Keysight distributor Ayscom from Madrid. AyscomdataTec S.E. was founded, which is still managed by head of sales Martin Pühl. The foundation stone for international growth was laid.

Change of status

dataTec GmbH changes its legal status.

A major milestone for dataTec GmbH was its change of legal status to an unlisted public limited company. Hans Steiner had founded the company 31 years earlier. The change of name would now prepare the way for his successors. In addition to the company founder himself, executives Markus Kohler, Martin Pühl, Jörg Scholl and Roland Bertler became shareholders in the public limited company. Additional support was provided to the team by Ursula Steiner (Authorised Representative), as well as the Supervisory Board, consisting of Friedhelm Brilhaus (Chair), Frank Heller and Gerhard Braun. From now on, the future of the company would be shouldered by long-standing employees. Customer-oriented. Authentic. Responsible. Courageous.

from left to right

  • Martin Pühl 
  • Jörg Scholl
  • Markus Kohler 
  • Hans Steiner 
  • Ursula Steiner 
  • Roland Bertler
  • Frank Heller 


The dataTec Academy.

In 2010, the dataTec Academywas founded. The idea originated with head of sales Jörg Scholl. The aim was that dataTec's experts should pass on their knowledge of test and measurement technology to their customers. As part of renovation measures in 2012, the Academy was given its own premises in Reutlingen. As a result, seminars can now be offered directly in house.

dataTec Group

The emergence of the dataTec Group.

2009 saw the start of an economic crisis in Germany. During this time, founder Hans Steiner made a risky decision: dataTec switched from Tektronix to Agilent Technologies (now Keysight Technologies) as its main distribution partner. His decision was prompted primarily by the larger product portfolio. It meant added value for the customers and for the company. To support this step, Hans Steiner founded dataTec ATP GmbH. This is how we succeeded in becoming a sales partner for high-quality measurement technology from Agilent Technologies. The dataTec Group came into being.


Hameg measuring instruments business line.

Peter Vooes, Managing Director of VELMA VOOES GmbH, transferred the business branch of Hameg measuring devices into the safe hands of dataTec for reasons of age. In this way, the course was set for a long-term partnership between dataTec and Hameg (a Rohde & Schwarz subsidiary).

Measurably more

The promise: measurably more.

This year, dataTec focused on its brand identity. The company logo was updated. The dataTec brand made a promise: here, customers receive measurably more. In the same year, the company was ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified for the first time. This certified the sustainable, reliable and qualitative work of the company. Values that Hans Steiner has lived by from day one at dataTec. And which were now reflected throughout the whole company.


From a one-man business to a real player in the market.

dataTec GmbH had developed from a one-man business to a real player in the market for measuring devices. This meant that new investments became necessary. In 2001, Hans Steiner decided to buy the largest competitor, MEC. In the same year, a new building with 800 sqm of office space and 450 sqm of storage space was constructed, at a cost of 3.6 million Deutschmarks. In addition, Agilent Technologies, one of the largest suppliers of measurement equipment, was now part of the portfolio. It was a resounding success for dataTec.

Construction of the new company building in Reutlingen

Company building in Reutlingen until today


A company. Manufacturer-independent.

dataTec grows and grows. In the meantime, brands such as Gossen Metrawatt, Chauvin Arnoux and Fluke had joined the range alongside Tektronix. This enabled the company to provide manufacturer-independent advice. This is still one of the most important cornerstones of dataTec today. In 1997, the company moved into new offices and the subsidiary TELMA was founded. The subsidiary, which is specifically geared towards telemarketing, supported the acquisition of new customers and thus the further growth of dataTec.

Company premises 1997 to 2002

Employees 1997

The breakthrough.

Early 90s: The breakthrough.

For a few years, Hans Steiner ran dataTec as a one-man business. But it was too little to live on. He toyed with the idea of dissolving the company. The turnaround came with the economic crisis in the early 1990s: Tektronix, as one of the world's largest manufacturers of oscilloscopes, outsourced its distribution, with dataTec as one of its selected distributors. Demand grew and was so great at peak times that delivery times were sometimes up to 20 weeks. This was the breakthrough.


Founding a business.

The story of dataTec began in 1985. Long-time CEO Hans Steiner, an engineering graduate, joined the company when it was set up by his fellow student. He had just graduated, had no experience in sales or with the products. In the beginning there were only two young men and a Dutch oscilloscope, which broke down frequently. In 1986, Hans Steiner bought the company dataTec from his fellow student. Hans Steiner was now the sole owner. The company headquarters moved to Reutlingen and the story took its course.

Company premises 1985 to 1987

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