Gossen Metrawatt METRISO PRIME10 insulation, low-resistance & voltage measuring device

Manufacturer number: M555A

Gossen Metrawatt M555A | METRISO PRIME10 High-precision insulation, low-resistance and voltage measuring device up to 40 TΩ at 10 kV test voltage.

  • Insulation measurement according to EN 61557-2 / VDE 0413 part 2
  • Test voltages in fixed steps: 50 V, 100 V, 250 V, 500 V, 1000 V, 2500 V, 5000 V, 10000 V
  • Measurement with gradually increasing voltage
  • Measuring range up to 40 TΩ according to IEC 61557-2
  • Measurement of polarization index and absorption ratio
  • Measurement with shielded measuring line
  • Protection against live objects
  • Variable setting of limit values
  • Digital filter to stabilize the measured values
  • Creation of R / I or R / U diagrams
  • Storage of test results
  • Low resistance measurement according to EN 61557-4 / VDE 0413 part 4
  • Continuity test of protective conductors and equipotential bonding connections with test current> 200 mA
  • Permanent display of the measured insulation resistance or leakage current
  • Automatic discharge of the device under test at the end of the insulation test
  • Acoustic signal in 5 second intervals, for fast
  • Creation of a time resistance characteristic
  • Adjustable measuring times up to 99'59 ''
  • Test times T1, T2 and T3 for measuring one or two absorption coefficients in the range from 1 ... 600 s
  • Polarization index (PI), absorption coefficients Ab1, Ab2, dielectric absorption ratio (DAR)
  • Display of the current test voltage during the measurement
  • Test currents: 1.2 mA, 3 mA and 5 mA
  • Insulation test can be carried out using the 2- or 3-wire method
  • Measurement can be carried out with measuring lines up to 55 m
  • Automatic measurement of multi-core cables with the optional AutoISO-5000 test adapter (max. Voltage 5 kV)
  • Measuring the capacitance during the insulation test RISO
  • Temperature measurement with probe as an accessory
  • Dielectric discharge (DD)
  • Fault location through pulse burning mode
  • Adjustable limit values for measured resistances of RISO and RCONT
  • Measurement of leakage currents during the insulation test DC and AC voltage measurement from 0 ... 750 V
  • Graphic display of the insulation resistance on the display during the measurement
  • New storage structure by storing: measuring points, systems and customer data
  • Using a mini bluetooth keyboard (optional)
  • 5.6 inch LCD display with backlight
  • Keyboard lighting
  • Supply via mains voltage or lithium-ion battery
  • Internal quick charger
  • Dimensions 390 mm x 310 mm x 180 mm
  • Weight about 7 kg
  • Degree of protection according to EN 60529 IP40 (IP67 for closed housing)

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METRISO PRIME10 insulation, low-resistance & voltage measuring device

The METRISO PRIME 10 insulation tester was developed to check insulation damage and to protect against electric shock in supply networks.

It measures resistances up to 40 TeraOhm at 10 kV test voltage according to EN 61557-2. Absolutely precise measurement results are achieved even with high-frequency interference. Flaws can be localized quickly and easily using the new "burning function". Insulation measurements such as PI, DAR, DD, step test (SV), capacitance measurement, temperature measurement and the measurement of the continuity of the protective conductor are possible without any problems. These measurement processes can be immediately shown graphically on the display.


  • 1 test lead set consisting of:
    - 11 kV line, 3 m, (CAT IV 1000 V), with banana sockets, red
    - 11 kV cable, 3 m, shielded, (CAT IV 1000 V), with banana sockets, black
    - "E" line 10 kV, 3 m, (CAT IV 1000 V), with banana sockets, blue
  • 3 alligator clips 11 kV, 32 A (CAT IV 1000 V), black, red and blue
  • 2 measuring tips 11 kV, 32 A with banana socket, red and black
  • 1 temperature probe (Z555J)
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 230 V mains cable
  • 1 accessory bag
  • 1 instruction manual
  • 1 calibration certificate
  • 1 handling document for lithium-ion batteries

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Alternate products (4 products )

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Gossen Metrawatt
Safety through competence. With over 100 years of experience, Gossen Metrawatt offers you unique products for measurement and testing technology as well as industrial metrology. The products stand for quality, reliability, safety and progressiveness, but also for dynamic and ergonomic design, high ease of use and unique innovative spirit.

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