FLUKE 820-2 | LED strobe with adjustable flash duration

Manufacturer number: FLUKE-820-2

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820-2 | LED strobe with adjustable flash duration

The FLUKE LED stroboscope 820-2 is more than just a tool for measuring the speed of machines without physical contact. It is also an excellent diagnostic tool for numerous applications:

  • Belt-driven machines - fans in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, pumps
  • Ball bearings, shafts, gears or other machine parts
  • Clutches and gears
  • Foundations - resonance vibrations
  • Wear or damage to cables or pipes
  • Mixing and dosing processes

The Fluke LED Stroboscope 820-2 can be used instead of a laser tachometer as a stroboscope tachometer for speed measurement. To use the stroboscope, the component to be measured must be visible and provided with a label that can be used as a reference point. A strobe tachometer is a helpful tool because you don't always have access to the machine shaft to stick on reflective tape for using a laser tachometer. And you also can't always make contact with the moving shaft to use a contact tachometer. With a stroboscope you can measure shaft speeds down to 30 fpm (flashes per minute).

Areas of application:

  • Variable speed turbines with frequent speed changes
  • Motors with frequency converters that run at different speeds, but the speed of which does not change frequently
  • Determination of belt speed and belt slip
  • Examination of machine components - fan blades, pump blades, compressor screws and gears
  • Speed measurement and frequency analysis
  • Slip measurement

About the Manufacturer

Since its founding in 1948, Fluke has provided professional tools and measurement equipment for the installation, maintenance and service of electronic equipment in industry, power, medical, building services and electrical installations, as well as in precision measurement and quality assurance.

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