EA Elektro-Automatik MULTI CONTROL MULTI | Add-on for Power Control for up to 20 devices, multi-user license for up to 5

Manufacturer number: MULTI-CONTROL MULTI

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MULTI CONTROL MULTI | Add-on for Power Control for up to 20 devices, multi-user license for up to 5

Add-on to software EA PowerControl with many additional features.

  • Remote control of up to 20 devices at once in one window, even different types.
  • Manage the most important device settings
  • Display of actual values (U, I, P, R)
  • Input of setpoints (U, I, P, R) and monitoring limits (OVP, OCP, OPP)
  • Set “remote control on/off” and “DC input/output on/off”
  • Status monitoring (control status, alarms, DC input/output status)
  • Control of all remote-controllable functions via commands (SCPI or ModBus)
  • Sequencing & Logging (semi-automatic remote control with tables and data recording)
  • Master-Slave (configuration for series with digital master-slave, master is displayed as system)
  • Form up to 4 groups from the maximum of 20 devices, which can have different setting values
  • Semi-automatically remote control any number of the max. 20 devices with sequencing
  • Record data for any number of the max. 20 devices (logging)
  • Configure the function generator remotely for any number of the max. 20 devices, provided the devices themselves have a function generator
  • Open the graph for any number of the max. 20 devices in order to be able to compare the visually recorded data
  • Automatically unlock the new app “Function Generator” and the “Graph”.

Compatible with the following EA device series:

  • EL 3000 B
  • EL 9000 B / EL 9000 B HP / EL 9000 B 2Q
  • EL 9000DT
  • EL 9000 T
  • ELR 5000
  • ELR 9000
  • HP 3000C
  • HP 5000
  • PS 9000 1U / 2U / 3U
  • HP 9000 T
  • PSB 9000
  • PSE 9000
  • PSI 5000
  • PSI 9000DT
  • PSI 9000T
  • PSI 9000 2U – 24U
  • PSB 10000 4U (from version 2.15)
  • PSI 10000
  • ELR 10000
  • PSBE 10000

Minimum requirements:

  • Windows 7 or newer
  • CPU 2GHz or better
  • 1GB RAM
  • Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.5 or newer
  • Compatible device with USB or Ethernet port

Alternate products (1 products )

Alternate products (1 product )

Add-on for Power Control for up to 20 devices, single user license
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About the Manufacturer

EA Elektro-Automatik
EA Elektro-Automatik is one of the leading German manufacturers of laboratory power supplies and electronic loads for research and development as well as industrial applications in control and automation, electrochemistry, automated test systems and test benches.

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