Keysight Application Note 5991-3855EN | EMC Compliance Testing

Keysight Application Note :: EMC Compliance Testing: Improve Throughput with Time Domain...


Keysight Application Note :: EMC Compliance Testing: Improve Throughput with Time Domain Scanning

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing requires detailed and exacting methodologies to ensure that all emissions are accurately measured. Long test times impact test facility availability and reduce the number of devices that can be certified—capping the amount of revenue a testing service can generate or the number of new devices a company with internal test capabilities can introduce without the cost of third party testing.

To grow revenue without adding the considerable expense of new test site installations, companies must streamline the EMC product test cycle—which includes setup, scan,  turntable rotation, and antenna height adjustment time—to maximize the throughput of their existing compliance facilities. Time domain scan is a technology that can reduce receiver scan time significantly, shortening overall test time to help increase revenue and introduce more products to market faster.

This application note will provide you with an overview of time domain scan, discuss the test scenarios in which it provides the greatest time savings, and assess the trade-offs between time domain speed and receiver overload protection

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