Chroma Broschüre PV-Inverter-Testlösungen

Broschüre PV-Inverter-Testlösungen
Chroma Brochure PV Inverter Test Solution | April 2015 A PV system is an energy system which...


Chroma Brochure PV Inverter Test Solution | April 2015

Chroma Brochure PV Inverter Test Solution | April 2015

A PV system is an energy system which directly converts energy from the sunlight into electricity. Once light hits the solar cell (array), electricity is generated and the DC is collected at a PV inverter.

PV inverter is a device that changes DC power to AC power and is also a key component in PV systems. There are two main types of PV systems, Grid Connected or Off Grid. Grid connected systems are usually installed on a building and provide electricity directly into the mains supply. Off grid systems are usually used where power is required but access to a mains supply is unavailable.

Chroma provides PV inverter testing solutions based on its thirty years of experience in power electronics testing.

These solutions include:

  1. DC Power Supply 62000H-S Series : to simulate output characteristics of the solar array. It also provides a unique feature called solar array simulation function. This function is useful for MPPT performance evaluation on PV inverter devices.
  2. Digital Power Meter 66200 Series : to measure PV inverter output parameters, such as V, I, P, PF, current harmonics & THD
  3. AC Power Source 6500/61500/61800 Series : to simulate mains power various scenarios.
  4. AC Load 63800 Series : to sink current directly for off grid type PV inverters. The Chroma AC Source provides a voltage level as the reference for the PV inverter output. But the AC source can not sink current (energy); therefore, an external resistor is necessary for load simulation. Chroma also provides Automated Test Systems suitable for R&D, QA qualification and mass production.

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