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Do you have a question about one of our products? Or a measurement task for which you need a solution? Our experts are there to answer all your questions. To give you that good feeling of making the right decision.

Do you have questions about a specific product?

When it comes to deciding on your test and measurement technology, there should be no questions left unanswered. Do you need more detailed information about a product or do you just want to be sure? Send us an enquiry. Together we’ll find the right answer.


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Whatever measurement task you are facing: tell us about your project! Together with our technical experts, you will find the best solution for your needs.


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Some questions can be answered easily and directly on the phone. Whether you have a special request, questions about a quotation or need to make changes to your order, just call us. Our experts will be happy to assist you:

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You need help quickly. For a problem that can't wait. Our experts are there for you. Whether for an online demo session or a TeamViewer session for software questions.

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Do you have questions about a specific product?
Are you looking for a solution for your measurement task?

You can contact us by phone or via two special forms!

  • Both forms have a fast mode as well as an advanced mode that has been simplified so that only a few mandatory entries are required, and both allow the uploading of briefing documents.
  • Sometimes a direct phone call is the easiest way to answer questions and resolve uncertainties: So please do not hesitate to contact us by phone!
  • Tell us about your question or special measurement task and find the perfect solution with our team!
  • Our experts are prepared to discuss any requirement with you and ensure that no questions remain unanswered.

dataTec is your trusted partner in the world of measurement and testing technology. Through us, you will not only have access to a huge selection of top products from renowned manufacturers at attractive prices, but you will also benefit from our outstanding technical expertise.

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